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Star Stickers For Reward Chart

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200 Star Stickers For Reward Chart - Colourful Designs That Are Ideal To Praise Good Work And Behaviour - Premium Quality Easy Peel Stickers For Children, Potty Training, Arts And Craft

  • [Effective] For children that love to be rewarded and for school teachers and parents that love to see kids lovely smiley faces. These 25mm smiley face stickers are perfect for classroom, sticker charts, potty training and more…
  • [Superior Performance] If you've been looking for teachers stickers that do not fall off, then your search is over! Our multi coloured star stickers have super strong adhesive glue which means they will stick to paper, chart & clothes without falling off.
  • [Outstanding] Our teacher stickers are gloss laminated which means that the colours look brighter and more vibrant. Kids love getting a well done bright and shiny sticker to give them a sense of pride and accomplishment.
  • [Top Rated] Why do Amazon customers give our teachers stickers 5-star ratings? Its simple. Our star stickers for children are precision cut stickers which means they peel off the sheets with ease so none of them are torn or wasted.