About Us

Welcome to Innoveem Labels & Stickers.
Our story started back in June 2019 when we were looking far and wide for quality freezer labels, but we were never satisfied with what we found in the marketplace. They often fell off while in the freezer, or if they did stay on they were a nightmare to remove after use, leaving a horrible sticky mess on our lovely food containers.
So one day out of frustration, we decided to create our own freezer labels. After many trials, we finally found what we had been looking for, a label that not only stays on your container while in the freezer but it will easily peel off after use leaving no messy sticky residue.
We believe we have created the best freezer labels on the market ( we are biased though!)
Since then we have made it our mission to create stress-free labels & Stickers, listening to customer's needs, and creating the best quality labels and stickers for their purpose. Our range of products is growing month by month.
Our mission is 100% customer satisfaction so feel free to contact us with any label or sticker issues you may have and we will endeavour to create a stress-free label or sticker solution for you.