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Jar Labels

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Self-Adhesive Easy Peel-Off Sticky Labels That Leave No Messy Residue After Use - 64 Perfectly Sized (8 x 4cm) for Jam & Chutney Preserving & More - with Easy Write Surface.

  • [Unmatched Performance] Unlike other jar labels that leave a messy residue after use, our labels use acrylate non-residue glue. Which means our labels will easily peel off before washing, leaving no sticky mess on your jars or containers.
  • [Functional] Because our jam labels are waterproof you will be able to wipe the jam drips off the jar with ease without damaging the label. This is great because your labels will continue to look as good as the day you put them on.
  • [Effective] Because our jam jar labels have an easy-to-write surface, you can write on them with any normal pen or biro without it rubbing off. This means it will help you to organise your pantry with clear and easy to read classy looking labelling.
  • [Practical] Other label stickers are often too small and hard to fit you're writing on. Our 80 x 40mm jam pot labels are perfectly sized, which means you can easily write the information you require and be able to read it afterwards!


How many are in a pack?

There are 64 labels in a pack (4 different designs with 16 labels of each design in each pack)

Are they on a peel off plastic backing sheet?

YES and very easy to peel off.

What are the best pens to use?

We recommend any normal pen or biro.
From feedback, the majority of customers say that the best results are from using a normal biro or permanent marker pen.
Pens that are not recommended include gel pens and felt tip pens.