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Large Labels For Storage Boxes

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Looking for an easy and effective way to organize your storage boxes? Look no further than our large labels for storage boxes! Made with a durable anti-tear paper, these labels feature an easy-write anti-smudge surface that ensures your labeling is clean and legible every time.

But what sets our labels apart from the rest? For starters, they're completely waterproof, meaning they won't smudge or fade over time, even in damp or humid environments. Plus, with a strong adhesive that sticks to plastic, wood, metal, paper, and more, these labels won't fall off or peel away, keeping your storage boxes neatly labeled and organized for years to come.

But that's not all! Our labels for storage boxes are also designed to be easy to use and easy to remove. Simply write on the label with any pen or marker, and when it's time to remove or relabel, the label will peel off cleanly, leaving no sticky residue behind.

So if you're tired of struggling to keep your storage boxes organized and labeled, try our labels for storage boxes today. With their waterproof, durable design, strong adhesive, and easy-to-use features, our labels are the perfect solution for any home or office storage needs. So why wait? Add our labels for storage boxes to your cart now and get organized today.


We recommend caution if attempting to print on our large labels for storage boxes. While they are made from top-quality print paper with an anti-smudge coating, their small sheet size poses some challenges. It is important to note that printing on these labels is not recommended unless you are familiar with print setup and printer alignment settings. Additionally, please be aware that the label sheets may not feed through certain printers due to the sheet size. We advise trying to print on these labels only if you have experience using and creating print templates. It may take a few attempts to achieve the desired print setup correctly for your specific needs. Please take into consideration the limitations of the label sheet size, as it may not be compatible with most printers.