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Freezer Labels

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Easy Peel-Off Frozen Food Storage Labels That Leave No Sticky Residue After Use - Perfectly Sized (6 x 3cm) Easy to Write Surface with Any Pen or Biro.  (100 Labels/Pack)

  • [Unmatched Performance] Unlike other food freezer labels that leave a messy residue after use, our stickers use acrylate non-residue glue. Which means our sticker will easily peel off before washing, leaving no sticky mess on your Tupperware container.
  • [Outstanding Quality] Our strong durable adhesive white labels have awesome sticking power on freezer bags, plastic containers, and baby weaning pots. The glue has excellent performance in low temperatures so the labels will not fall off in your fridge or freezer.
  • [Practical] Other frozen food labels are often too small and hard to fit you’re writing on. Our 60 x 30mm freezer labels are perfectly sized, which means you can easily write the information you require and be able to read it afterwards!
  • [Effective] Because our food labels stickers have an easy to write surface, you can write on them with any standard pen or biro without it rubbing off. This means it will help you to organise your freezer with clear and easy to read labelling.


Will these stick to silicone freezer bags?

Yes, these will stick to silicone freezer bags, and they will not leave any sticky mess when you decide to remove the labels.

Will they leave a sticky residue on plastic lids?

No... not at all. Peel straight off leaving no marks at all. Best labels ever. Write on them and dampen them... they do not smudge either. Well worth buying.

Are these waterproof if want to leave them on a container?

Yes, they are. They are just brilliant-the best stickers I have bought in a long time! Try them and agree!!

How many individual labels are in a packet?

100 labels in each packet. They’re wonderful they stay on in the freezer yet are easy to remove from plastic cartons. Cannot recommend them highly enough.