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Spice Jar Labels (JL405)

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84 Pre-Printed Spice Jar Labels Stickers with Clear Easy to Read Stylish Designs - Perfectly Sized (38mm Dia) for Your Round Or Square Spice Jars & Bottles

  • [ Practical ] Other labels for spice jars are hard to read because they are printed on a clear label. Our 38mm Dia spice labels stickers are printed on a black label with large BOLD clear and easy to read text. Which ultimately means you can always find the spice jar you are looking for.
  • [ Bonus ] This full comprehensive range of herb and spice labels covers the most common herbs and spices used in the UK kitchen today. This consists of 72 easy-to-peel pre-printed spice rack labels, as well as 12 BONUS blank spice labels so you can label any mixes you create yourself.
  • [Stylish] Organise your herbs and spices in style with these self-adhesive small spice jar labels. The simple design gives a clean, clutter free appearance and are perfectly sized to fit on any round or square spice jars.
  • [ Outstanding Quality ] Our reusable self-adhesive spice labels for small jars have great sticking power on Glass, Plastic, Wood and metal surfaces. The glue has excellent sticking performance so the label will not fall off, ensuring they will last a long time.
  • [ Remarkable Results ] Because our hard-wearing spice stickers are waterproof you will be able to wash and wipe them clean without damaging them. This is great because these spice jar stickers will continue to look as good as the day you put them on. Suitable for both lids or front of jars!